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A Lil Recap for the Leesburg 5k

Disclaimer: I fully admit this race recap is cow poo but I just wanted an excuse to post these awesome pics from the race. 

The other weekend, I signed up for the Leesburg 5k at the last minute - mostly to see Elliot rock his age group, but also to run another race with my good buddy Tom (who I had so much fun running the Army 10 Miler with last year). 

I met Tom at the start, promptly after ignoring all of his directions for where to park, instead opting to follow Google Maps, which directed me to a small lot on the course route (because that always ends well right?). He greeted me with some sweet blue sunnies, courtesy of NOVA Plastic Surgery Center (I’ve seen weirder race sponsors…maybe). Naturally, Tom wore these sweet shades in addition to his normal sunglasses…because you know that doesn’t make you look like a weirdo :) 


We immediately lined up near the back as both of us clearly knew this is where the party was at (cue the Jagged Edge song here). 


I wish I had more to say about the race and the course itself but I don’t really remember much of it. I know we ran near a Roy Rodgers (didn’t know they still made those) and a school annnnnnnnnnd maybe a barn? I don’t know. It was pretty but I was mostly just having fun catching up with my friend again. 

Of course this is the same “friend,” who at the finish line, distracted me by saying, “Oh, hey look! palm trees” and then darted to the finish leaving me eating his dust. The picture below demonstrates just how mad I was with him about this… 


Oh - and Elliot? He rocked it of course (as if there was ever any doubt). He finished 2nd in his age group because he’s awesome. He also got a cowbell. Ohhhh to be fast. 


Running for Puppies Recap

This summer, Jerry suggested that we sign up for the Lost Dog 5k series. This is essentially a series of 4 races on the first 4 Fridays of August where 200 people run up and back on the W&OD trail in Arlington with or without their furry pals, all in the name of supporting the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation

This series was where I ran my first ever race (soooo many moons ago - aka 2012) and I immediately jumped on the opportunity to do the race again for a variety of reasons. 1) It’s for a good cause 2) Due to the low number of participants, it’s super low key and just…easy. 3) They bring puppies - enter exhibits A, B, and C:

I mean really… I die. 

Aside from the ridiculous amount of cuteness, these races were good training runs for Jerry, who is working up to his first 10k this November. He did amazingly well. The first week, his time was 32:55 and in the fourth and final race, his time was 30:30! Amazing. Mama is so proud.

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